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株式会社エヌ・ティ・ティ・データ(略称 NTTデータ)

【公共】<モバイル>Promoting Global 5G Businesses in the Mobile Industry<432>

株式会社エヌ・ティ・ティ・データ(略称 NTTデータ)…もっと見る
【公共】<モバイル>Promoting Global 5G Businesses in the Mobile Industry<432> …もっと見る
■ Job summary
We will conduct pre-sales activities to propose 5G related solutions to mobile carriers.

■ Mission
With ""5G"" as our keyword, we will work with our global group companies to plan, build, and sell assets targeting the domestic and overseas markets in order to expand our global business for mobile carriers and in collaboration with these carriers.

■ Specific descriptions of the posts
Cooperation with our overseas group companies is essential in promoting this business. While sharing the know-how of overseas, Japan and overseas, and ""co-creation"" style of cooperative business creation is being promoted with overseas members, it is expected to play an active role as a key member of the Japanese side.
For job descriptions
- To build, strengthen, and maintain relationships with overseas members
- Asset planning (planning, requirements definition)
- Asset development (development management)
 , *Currently, there is no plan to carry out the development work itself.
- Asset sales (planning of sales strategies, sales activities, sales support)
- All other business promotion tasks

■ Features and attractiveness of the organization
This team is established within the business divisions responsible for mobile business, and is responsible for operations focused on ""Mobile Domain × Global."" By focusing on the mobile domain, we are increasing the specialization of expertise, rather than simply capturing the global domain.
The teams from overseas group companies which we work with specialize in the telecom domain of multiple countries. They have its own business bases in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, North America, and China, respectively, while expanding globally. In addition, we collaborate with our members who are familiar with specific technologies and services, not industry cuts, and constitute a group-wide group of specialists called Global Telecom One Team.
The key feature of this organization is its ability to create wins through cooperation with global peers, and the ability to collaborate with members with a wide range of knowledge is an attractive feature of this organization.

■ Expected post
Deputy Manager, Chief, Member …もっと見る
■ Mandatory requirements(Experience)
・ Linguistics
-Need advanced business English ability. TOEIC scores and other English level scores are not stipulated, but we need Speaking, Listening  skills to conduct face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, and web meetings smoothly and Reading, Writing skills to read and write business documents and e-mails in English.
-Need advanced business Japanese ability. (For non-native Japanese speakers) No specific Japanese certification level is required, but it is necessary to have the ability of conversation to conduct face-to-face, telephone, and web conferences smoothly, reading ability to read Japanese business documents with Kanji-kana, and ability of writing to write e-mails in Japanese.

・ Communicating
-The ability to communicate smoothly with members from different nationalities (Japan, English, US, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, etc.) and cultural background.

・ Business experience
-Mobile-related solution proposal activities (pre-sales) in the IT, telecom, and mobile industries
-Network design related experience for mobile networks (wireless network design/optimization, core network design, parameter design/optimization, etc.)

■ Essential requirements (Required qualities)
・ Those who are interested in and interested in global business
・ A person who can cooperate constructively while maintaining close communication, respecting other members from different cultural backgrounds.
・ Those who understand the situation (context) of a project or business and who can provide appropriate facilitation according to the situation.
・ Those who are not passive, but who can think, create and act in proactive manner.
・ Those who can actively learn and absorb new knowledge and experiences
・ Who can drive the team's leadership …もっと見る
■ Expected annual income
¥4,500,000~¥10,000,000 …もっと見る
1,425億2千万円 …もっと見る
1988/05/23 …もっと見る
東京都江東区豊洲3-3-3 豊洲センタービル …もっと見る


495万円 〜 1026万円
Lead Consultant (Project Manager)
800万円 〜 1600万円
800万円 〜 1200万円
550万円 〜 1000万円
【Eight事業部】新設のイベントビジネス部 マーケティング担当
400万万円 〜 600万万円
500万円 〜 700万円